What is FanFunding?

FanFunding was created to make it easier for you and your friends or fan groups to organise and get something created. Whether it be a flag, a large amount of stickers or a large protest in the stadium.

The way it works is you request to us what you want made, for example a large flag for your fan group. You just specify to us what you want, and what you want it to look like. We can design it for you or you can send us your artwork. Once the request has been made then we set up a private FanFund link for you where you and your friends or group can contribute any amount to the item until the quote amount is reached.

Once the target amount is reached then we put the item into production and get it sent out to you. You can request a FanFund to be set up by contacting us HERE

We will sometimes have some pre defined FanFunds ongoing such as the VAR protests.