Introducing FanFunding

A simple way for fans to organize flags, protests, tifo’s and more.

Introducing FanFunding by TerraceShop.

Sometimes in England we tend to get frustrated with certain things such as VAR and many voice their opinions on twitter and other social media platforms. This does get some attention, however its normally just brushed off and forgotten about with nothing ever actually changing.

Take a look at ticket prices for example. People have complained for years and years, but clubs never seem to reduce the prices. Some make statements by ‘freezing’ the prices for a year or two but this is never really what we want. Ticket prices need to be drastically reduced, everybody agree’s but nobody takes action.

This is mainly down to the fact there is very little organization within fan groups in England. Everybody has their small groups of mates who they meet up with but there are not really many big fan groups who are organized enough to take action. We hope to make it easier.

With FanFunding you can request a product or package that we would create on our site, and anyone can contribute towards it, you can share it and gather the funds via our website. Once the target amount is reached, we put the order into production and send it to a designated address (To the lead organizer or to a local pub by the stadium). Everybody who contributes gets sent a link to a group chat where everyone can discuss the delivery, organization, and everything around the product/package. The first use for this is our new VAR OUT protest packages. These consist of 1 ‘One Step Too VAR’ 6m long banner, 75 VAR OUT flags, 2000 VAR OUT stickers and 100 Tennis Balls. Each Premier League team has a separate package.

Take a look at the Bundesliga and how they took action for Monday night games, multiple protests each weekend, thousands of banners, flags and other bits to ensure their voices were heard not only in the stadium, but by viewers watching the games live on TV. We might not have the organized groups for this in England but with FanFunding we can make this happen very easily.

To visit out FanFunding page click HERE.

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